Watch this brief outline of CTFWWY. Find out how your organization could benefit from this program.

This program is comprehensive and offers the participants:

  • knowledge on the legal and moral limitations of their work with youth,
  • the stages of adolescent development,
  • teaches them Active Listening and Empathetic Communication skills,
  • shows them the behaviours of youth that may be indicative of issues the youth in their care might be experiencing,
  • the reporting requirements specific to your organization
  • and the resources in your community that the youth or their parents/families can be referred to.

The program culminates with an examination and the granting of certificates for your workers, certifying them as qualified youth workers.

This 40-hour program can be set up whatever way is most advantageous for your organization and for the participants. For example, three weekends, five Saturdays, five consecutive weekdays – whatever works for you.

The accredited facilitator will work with you to make the workshop specific to your requirements and add information about your specific needs, making the workshop tailor-made for your organization.

On this website, you will note a list of accredited facilitators, just check out the ones in or close to your area. If you have a mental health professional working for your organization, they can take the facilitators workshop on this website, they must be a mental health professional, have professional liability insurance either through their professional organization or through your organization, and they must adhere to a strict code of ethics.

If there are no accredited facilitators listed in your area, please e-mail us and we will put you in touch with one in your area.

We look forward to training your organization’s youth workers with this innovative, comprehensive program which is the only program of it’s kind.

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