Mental Health Professionals

Watch this brief outline of CTFWWY. Discover the key aspects of the workshop.

What does the Facilitator receive?


Facilitator’s Toolbox includes participant manual, instructive DVD and a PowerPoint presentation.

The facilitator receives:

  1. A 12 hour video – Facilitators Workshop – in 4 segments and an e-book manual which is in a read only format. The segmented workshop enables the facilitator to take each section one at a time and follow along with the manual; and immediately upon registration, you will be sent a hard copy:
  2. A camera ready program in the form of the Facilitator’s Toolbox which consists of the following.
    • The Participants Manual
    • A DVD in which actors model Active Listening Skills, Empathetic Communication Skills, Behaviours of Youth reflecting different issues
    • A power point presentation on CD

    The final examination will be sent out with the answer sheet to the facilitator when he/she places the order for their first workshop.

  3. Marketing assistance, your name and area of practice as a Accredited Facilitator on our website, and;
  4. 12 CEU’s

Raise your professional profile in your community. Each Youth Counsellor that you teach this program to becomes a prospective referral source for your practice. The suggested price for holding this workshop is $498.00 per participant (the price is entirely up to the facilitator). The cost of the manual is $40.00 each plus shipping and handling.

What do you require to become a Facilitator?

  • You must be a Mental Health Professional with Professional Liability Insurance and under the mandate of a professional Code of Ethics.

What is the cost?

The cost of this one-day workshop is $498.00, plus $40 for shipping and handling. Orders are processed through the secure PayPal servers.

NOTE: Participants of the recent conference receive a $50.00 discount by entering the coupon code which was in the brochure that was distributed at the conference.

The discount is time limited. Be sure to take advantage of the reduced cost.

When you press the Register now button, you will be taken to a registration form, from there to the payment page, and from there to the video workshop and Critical Tools Manual in read and watch only format. You will have access to these for three days, at which time you will be given a registration number for your use exclusively, which will enable you to come back and purchase materials for your workshops. As soon as you register, we will send you the Facilitators Toolbox via express mail. If you have any further questions prior to registering, please contact us at